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A teleclass is a class conducted via teleconferencing.  Participants phone in to a central line and join the class from home.  No need to travel - you can take this class in your pajamas if you want.

Your teacher will be Taina Ketola, an RCI licensed relationship coach and unique astrological theorist. With a strong desire to serve people in an in-depth capacity, Taina has been helping people by coaching, teaching and counseling for over 25 years.

Relationship Success Training For Singles Teleclass
8 week course

Join this eight-week course to learn how to find your
life partner and avoid making choices that sabotage love.

The next session will be announced soon.

The Two Gifts Teleclass
4 week course

What does astrology have to say about your life purpose?  Learn about the exciting future that you are meant to fulfill and how you can achieve your deepest desires.  One Native American Tradition tells the story of the two gifts.  Each of us is born with two gifts.  The first is the gift that we are here to give to the world.  The second is the gift that we are here to receive from the world.  What spiritual purpose have you volunteered to serve?  What is your job here?  What gifts does the world wish to give to you that are here waiting to be discovered?  Survey your two gifts in the company of your astrological coach and get inspired about your life!

Class is size limited ~ An exact time of birth is required.

The next session will be announced soon.

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