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Assimilating Your Transits

Sounds like a nutrition article doesn't it?  Of course it isn't but instead refers to how we utilize our astrological transits.  A transit refers to the movement of the planets through the sky and the relationship those planets make to an individual's birthchart.  Transits are the primary predictive tool used in conventional astrology.  While it can be useful to look ahead at the transits to come, I always find it much more valuable to look at the transits that are occurring right now because now is the only time that we really have to make positive use of our life's experiences and opportunities.  Transits influence but do not control our experience.  Knowing about our current transits and how to properly utilize them instead of being used by them is tremendously important in the study of astrology.

This brief article was inspired by a lunch conversation with some of the members of the 11th House Astrology Group, an excellent and very positive astrological organization that meets monthly in Ottawa, Canada.  Many of the astrologers present mentioned that Jupiter didn't seem to do very much by transit.  I've thought about that and would tend to generally agree when it comes to the aspects Jupiter makes to the various planets in one's chart.  I have seen the conjunction of Jupiter to its own place (the Jupiter return) and to the Sun or Saturn to be significant for most people, but many of its other transits generally tend to pass most of us by.  It is however, or should be, very significant in terms of its passage through each of the houses.  (Every house refers to a different department of life and Jupiter's passage through a house works to create new growth in the area represented by the house.)

Of course every person reacts differently to his or her transits and this is one of the important points being made by this article.  Even more importantly, if we are unhappy with the results of our transits we can learn how to react in different ways that produce more constructive results.  The goal for each of us should be to assimilate every transiting planet in the most positive manner possible.  To do this usually means learning about the secret character of every planet and the attitude it requires of us in order to make the best possible use of its energies.  For example, I have noticed that some people assimilate Jupiter better than others.  As this planet transits it is attempting to expand our horizons, offer us new opportunities and release us from old negative karmic patterns.  It corresponds to the spiritual principle of Divine Grace.  The catch is that we have to be willing to let go - to open up and receive a new perspective, a new opportunity or way of looking at things.  Jupiter gives us those things that we can't get for ourselves but if we are too attached to our old negative attitudes or have the belief that we have to do everything by ourselves Jupiter will tend to pass us by because it doesn't really believe in interfering.  Its grace is offered freely and we are all welcome to refuse if we so choose. 

Saturn is the other way around.  It is determined that we learn its lesson whether we want to or not.  People who choose to be actively - even proactively - responsible and who are unafraid of effort or hard work tend to find his transits to be a generally positive experience. But he will certainly show you where your weaknesses lie.  This might seem to be a very negative, unpleasant experience and it usually isn't very much fun at first but it is really a tremendous gift in the long run.  Therefore to properly assimilate Jupiter we must know how to trust and let go, while to properly assimilate Saturn we need to be willing to be responsible and put in the effort that life requires of us.  In this way the planets teach us how to develop well-rounded personalities if we pay attention to that which they are trying to show us.  If we have trouble assimilating and working with a particular transiting planet this is an indication of an area or principle that we still need to develop or balance within ourselves.

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