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Singles and Couples: Love and Your Life's Vision

If you are single, vision is an important part of the process of finding your life partner.  If you are in a committed relationship vision is no less significant.  We all have a vision, although many of us may not realize that we do.  Most of our life's vision lies beneath the surface of consciousness, but it is an essential part of defining who we are and what we require in life in order to be happy.  If you are busy fulfilling your vision in life you are likely to be content, despite whatever hardships you might encounter as part of the scenery along the road.  If you are dissatisfied, frustrated or unhappy it is most likely due to the fact that you are unclear about your life's vision and/or experiencing obstruction in its fulfillment.

The Bible says, "Without vision the people perish."  The human animal is a creative creature.  We are meant to be building, achieving or serving specific ends unique to each individual.  Everyone has a life purpose and we seem to all be born with that purpose written in our hearts.  Therefore defining vision, bringing our true purpose to light in a conscious manner is the most important first step in achieving or fulfilling anything in life.  This is the first step in finding our life's partner and it is an important part of the process of perfecting and fulfilling our existing relationships.

If you are single having a clear vision of your ideal life and your true purpose as an individual serves two very important functions.  After you have reached the point where your purpose is clearly and fully defined you begin to discover the magic of possibility.  When our vision is only partly defined we are often weighed down with too many thoughts of "maybe" and "it can't happen for me".  An undefined vision feels like a distant and improbable dream.  With coaching it becomes crystal clear and with your coach's assistance you begin to work on bringing it into manifestation.  Suddenly life takes on a whole new meaning.  Being confident of your life's vision makes you much more confident in your ability to attract your true life's partner, which brings us to the second benefit.

With a clear vision of what you are seeking in life as a whole as well as in a committed relationship it becomes easier to say no to what you don't really want.  People often settle for second best which is a very sad situation because doing so means you can never find what for you is truly the very best.  It is also unfair to the partner you have settled for because he or she may also be someone else's best and choosing a relationship that promises to be less than fulfilling really ends up wasting both people's time.  With relationship coaching you don't need to make this mistake.

Vision is also important in committed partnerships because studies have shown that 67% of all marital arguments occur because one or both partners are experiencing frustration in achieving their vision in life.  If you don't feel supported by your partner in achieving your life's dearest goals then trouble will certainly follow.  In couples coaching we teach people to define their goals and ideals both as individuals and as a couple and help them to create inspiring means of supporting one another in their fulfillment.  Of course this is only part of the process of achieving a fulfilling and magical partnership but it is a much more important one than many people realize.  Imagine the profound joy and power of having your life partner also be your life purpose partner.  When two people unite in pursuit of a common goal and/or in support of one another's true life goals and visions the power and potential available is much greater than we might imagine.  Two working together in an inspired and synergistic manner multiplies each individual's effectiveness in an exponential way.

Life is meant to be an adventure.  Joy is not just an illusive dream but instead is a concrete and important sign that we are on the right track in life.  Joy is worth pursuing, embracing and sharing and vision is the means.

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