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How Astrology Works

Very few people truly understand what astrology is and how it works.  Most people either "believe" or "disbelieve" in its power.  But, do those who believe really know what it is that they are believing in?  I don't "believe" in astrology.  I prefer to study it, learn how it works, question and experience it.  More than anything I want to use it as a tool to understand and master my life.

Current scientific thinking has led us to look at the Universe as a collection of separate, unrelated objects that, unless they happen to collide, really have very little affect on one another.  But is this actually true?  Are you not affected by and affecting almost everyone and everything in your environment?  In reality there is no separation between us and the world around us.  All things are interrelated and science is just beginning to understand that all of nature is connected on a subconscious level.

If we think of things in these terms we come to realize that the solar system truly acts as one being.  The stars and planets do affect us on physical levels, but the most profound affect that they have is on a mental, subconscious level - that level at which all of existence is interrelated.  If we realize that planetary changes affect us on subconscious levels we come very close to understanding the truth about astrology.

To me astrological transits are really just a form of universal subliminal advertising.  There are lots of irritating ads on T.V. because advertising works.  It works by appealing to the subconscious mind, which is a pre-rational and very powerful aspect of ourselves.  But it doesn't work on everyone.  Not everyone who sees the same car commercial goes out and buys that car.  The T.V. commercial does not have the power to force you to make an uncontrollable purchase.  But it does have a strong influence and some people do make uncontrolled purchases as a result.  Likewise an old astrological maxim goes "the stars impel, they do not compel".  Like sirens, they can be very tempting but they do not have the power to determine our ultimate course in life.  And of course everyone knows that there are some "sirens" in life or in advertising that we have answered to that have changed our lives for the better in some very profound ways - so sometimes it is very valuable to know what siren is calling so that you can answer fully when your life song is being played

Astrological transits are also like a form of inner psychological weather.  Some transits are like nice sunny weather with a slight breeze that is perfect for sailing in.  Others are full of stormy weather when the wind might seem to blow against you.  However, if there is nice weather but we stay at home and brood in a dark basement we will never get our boat out of dry dock.  In like manner a skilled sailor knows that if the wind seems to be blowing against you it is possible to tack against it and often make better progress than you otherwise might if the weather were calm and sunny.

Astrology can't foretell our future.  It can show certain likely events and conditions - things that are likely to occur if we act like an average person.  But if we sit in our basement and brood even the good stuff will pass us by.  A much more powerful approach - and more what God really wants us to do - is to look at astrological forces as a form of cosmic weather and then utilize all of them for the most constructive purposes possible remembering that our spiritual self is ultimately more powerful than any form of subconscious conditioning.

Do we want to be an average person?  The average person is a puppet.  This is not necessary.  The human spirit is noble indeed and we are designed to master our environment.  We have learned to cool our houses when they are too hot and heat them when they are too cold.  We have invented all manner of fun and exciting winter sports.  We can do the same thing with the events and circumstances in our lives.  By understanding this inner weather and making proper use of it we learn to achieve our true purpose in life and build a life rich in fulfillment in all of its arenas.

Learn what your inner weather is.  But don't look at yourself as a victim of the stars.  It takes time to master some transits, but even the apparently unpleasant ones have a purpose and a meaning behind them.  Seek to find what they are trying to teach you and your life will be a constant source of inspiration.  Astrological influences come to us from the subconscious level but in the long run it is the conscious mind that is meant to be in control.  Master your life by mastering your stars.

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