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The Five Stages of Astrological Coaching

Stage 1 - Seeking

Here you identify what you are seeking.  Every quest falls into one of four categories:

1/ It is a problem.  You are experiencing a problem in a specific area of life and want to find means to resolve the difficulties that you are experiencing.

2/ You have a goal.  You are seeking a specific outcome in a particular area of life and you want to maximize your ability to achieve what you want in the most complete and efficient way possible.

3/ The Full Monty.  You want to truly know yourself and master your entire life from a spiritual perspective.

4/ The Monty Right Now.  This falls into the category of "What's really going on in my life right now and what does it mean?"  Astrological coaching takes this a step further and works to make the best of the possibilities that astrology's expanded perspective offers.

At this first stage of astrological coaching it is the client's responsibility to determine what he or she seeks and how committed they are to achieving it, as the level of commitment will make all the difference.

Stage 2 - Identifying

At this stage you learn about the astrological principles that you are dealing with.  Perhaps there is a certain inner timing that is strongly influencing your life.  Knowing the purpose of this influence and how long it will last gives you the bird's eye view.  If it is an obviously positive influence knowing more about it will enable you to make hay while the sun shines.  Apparently negative influences are also understood at this stage too.  Electricity isn't much fun when you get struck by lightening, but when this same principle is properly harnessed it gives us power to do things our ancestors might have thought were impossible.  Astrological forces are no different.  This stage gives you the bird's eye view of the powers at your disposal.

At this stage the coach is primarily involved in educating the client about the principles involved in comprehending and shaping his or her life.  An important aspect of astrological coaching is the understanding that the most powerful source of knowledge about the client's life resides within the client him/herself.  The coach will ask questions that enable the client to uncover the hidden truths within him or herself that are important keys to understanding and mastering the effect and purpose of these higher forces within the client's life.  Conventional astrology stops somewhere in this second stage, often leaving us feeling like we are the puppets of cosmic fate.  Unintentionally this often threatens to take our power away.  In the process of astrological coaching gaining an understanding of the astrological forces at work in a given situation is just one of the preliminary steps.  After that we take the actions - outer and inner that give us the power to create the life we were meant to be living, which is always positive as our true purpose in life is a gift to and from God.

Stage 3 - Recognizing

After the higher principles influencing the situation have been identified, the focus shifts once again towards the client.  The coach's questioning and listening continues and gains in intensity.  Through this process the crux of the matter is identified.  Intense moments of recognition reveal the truth of the matter to and through the client in a manner that is undeniable.  This is where the real alchemy takes place.  Suddenly the world looks very different and the client knows exactly what to do.  What once seemed mired in difficulty or obstruction is now effortless and easy and filled with a sense of inspiration because the right path is always inspiring and effortless - even when it might seem difficult to others, or to oneself before this shift in perspective and complete understanding of the process has taken place.

In this stage the responsibility is shared equally between the client and the coach.  The client must trust the process of revelation and be willing to keep at it until the true alchemy occurs.

Stage 4 - Action Plan

If revelation is not acted upon it often fades like the sunset.  Knowing exactly what to do is a very different thing from actually doing it.  Humans are exceedingly complicated creatures.  This makes us capable of almost anything - in the long run we are truly a species that has no limits.  But that same creative, fertile complexity also causes us to be masters at the art of self-sabotage. Therefore an effective action plan has to be developed that will enable the client to act in terms of the inspiration that has been uncovered. 

This is a stage that can easily be overlooked by either the client or the coach.  The client may go away with a high after reaching Stage 3 only to find that his or her repetitive patterns of self-sabotage show up once again and lead to the feeling of being stymied all over again.  An effective action plan should be able to be acted upon with the same ease as was encountered at the successful conclusion of Stage 3.  It deals with the details of making things happen (or allowing things to happen or negotiating relationships, depending upon the issues being dealt with).  It helps to avoid common mistakes that people often make in approaching their own lives, such as trying to accomplish too much all at once or setting their aims too far ahead and not being clear about the steps in the middle or the value of what has already been accomplished.

We need to pace ourselves and be kind to ourselves, whether our goal concerns improvements in business or parenting; the same rules apply.  Much more progress can be made with less effort through effective self-nurturing and self-management.

Stage 5 - Fulfillment

In this stage the client takes the actual life steps that will lead to the fulfillment of his or her goals.  The individual is not alone in this process, as the coach stands ready and available to provide reasonable support in the client's fulfillment of the action plan.  At all times the plan, outlined in the fourth step, is approached in a fluid and adaptable manner.  It is the client's responsibility to do their best to stick to the plan, remaining mindful of its essential purpose and it is the coach's responsibility to help to keep the client inspired and on track.  So many times, when acting alone, we tend to downplay our abilities within our own minds and as a result inhibit actions and the results that follow.  Coaching helps to avoid this common pitfall.

As the client begins to experience greater success and increasing triumphs the process becomes more and more of a positive and self-fulfilling prophecy.  With time he or she becomes able to achieve things that were once thought to be impossible.

It is also important to take time to smell the roses and to be aware of and celebrate past successes as each new goal presents itself.  It is human nature to rarely be fully satisfied.  Many people consider this a flaw, but actually it is not.  We are creative beings, sent here in order to create and go forward.  We are the cutting edge of the Divine force here on Earth.  This is what the Bible means when it says, "Go forth and multiply."  If we accept the creative, forward moving aspect of our nature we can develop the ability to take delight in it.  Then we achieve even as we live to enjoy each passing moment.  And this is the real meaning of fulfillment.

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