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Astrology, Reincarnation and Your Past Life

Your birthchart is a portrait of your soul.  A snapshot of who you were at the moment of birth, it provides many clues to who you may have been in a past life. Portrait of the Soul describes a new discovery about Sun signs, revealing information that is far deeper than anything most of us have ever seen before.

Each sign has three stages of development and each stage usually lasts several lifetimes.  You can find out about your past life by identifying your current stage within your Sun sign and then studying the earlier stage(s) to give you some precise hints about your past life experiences.  This process can awaken memories and be of great benefit to you.  It will enable you to see the bird's eye view of your soul's development

Understanding the three stages and the ultimate purpose of your sign for you as an individual can provide an important sense of meaning.  It can help to heal problems you face in the current life as well as those that may still be haunting you from a past life.

Instead of ending abruptly, each stage slowly evolves into the next.  These transitionary stages normally take less than one lifetime to complete.  Anyone going through a transition between stages will be experiencing rapid and often confusing changes in their life and consciousness.  Portrait of the Soul can help to explain and smooth those changes.  Not only can you learn about your past life, you can strengthen and build a better future for yourself.

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