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Astrology and Coaching: Levels of Perception

This article describes five different levels of the perception of astrology and shows how the use of astrology combined with personal coaching can be a powerful aid to living a life of joy and fulfillment. 

Level One: "I don't believe in astrology.  It is superstitious nonsense, and how could there possibly be only 12 different destinies available to us?"

This is the point of view of the average "muggle".  (Excuse me for quoting Harry Potter; I can't help it - it just slipped out.)  This is the level of understanding at which we all start out. Here we are only able to believe the evidence of the senses and tend to accept the dominant societal belief system without question.  Conventional Sun sign astrology does not help by presenting a false image of the science. 

Important insight:  Do not believe everything that you hear. 

Payoff:  I get to feel that I know what is going on and there is nothing outside of myself that is in control of me. 

Level Two: "I do believe in astrology.  It is fun and spooky.  Tell me what is going to happen to me!"

This is astrology as entertainment, a way of relieving tension, escaping from reality or choosing not to take responsibility for our current life situation.  If the stars are going to tell me that everything will be wonderful soon, all I need to do is sit back and let it happen.  At the deeper level of understanding found at this stage, astrology is looked at as a means of gaining security through being reassured about our future and about the status of our relationships.  The high doesn't last however, because we are soon left with the same old life we had before we visited the astrologer. 

Important insight:  There is a hidden inner reality to life that we have a relationship with which is able to influence our lives in some manner. 

Payoff:  It is such a great buzz when an astrologer or a psychic is able to tell things about me that they could not know about in any other way.  I get inspired about the amazing things they tell me are going happen to me. 

Level Three:  "My God, what is happening to me?"

The Bible says, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. " It is only when most of us encounter a crisis that we do not understand, that we become willing to look at life differently.  Many people make their first visit to a real astrologer when their lives are in crisis and the problems they face seem overwhelming.  It is common for astrologers to first see their client when he or she is encountering a challenging aspect from Pluto or Saturn - the planets that often demand, through challenge, the greatest transformation from us.  Instead of wanting to know "what is going to happen to me in the future", the client simply wants an explanation of why all hell is breaking loose right now. 

Because "now" is the true point of power this is actually a much more constructive approach to astrology.  It can be useful to know upcoming weather conditions if you are planning to plant a garden - and there is a value in understanding the upcoming cycles of our lives.  But the most important thing to do is to actually plant that garden and to develop the skills to choose the seeds and nourish our plants in the most effective manner.  At this level the client is helped through being led to an understanding of the purpose of their current experience and what it is leading to.  Every problem is a gift that contains the seeds of a better future within it.  At this point the client is greatly reassured through an understanding of the purpose of their experience and the knowledge of how to work with it more constructively.  It also helps to know how long the influence will last.  At this stage the client begins to be open to the concept of coaching and can often be aided to take a more pro-active approach to their lives. 

Important insight:  There is a purpose to my experience and wisdom that can be gained and applied by looking at the underlying spiritual forces at work in my life right now. 

Payoff:  The individual begins to gain a sense of security through a perceived relationship with the governing spiritual intelligence of life. He or she begins to gain knowledge of the purpose of their life experience. 

Level Four:  "Tell me what my current lessons are."

At this stage of understanding the client is aware that everything we experience has a purpose and exists in order to aid our evolution as individuals.  The individual automatically seeks to understand the purpose of his or her experience in order to work with it most constructively.  This constructive approach allows the planets to act in a positive manner on behalf of the individual.  Since astrological forces are really nature's form of subliminal advertising (see "How Astrology Works") when we approach them in this positive manner we are acting constructively with our own subconscious mind.  However, this is not the final level of astrological understanding and many individuals operating from this level can be prone to regressing back to levels two and three rather than claiming their own inner knowledge in a solid manner.  The astrologer is still being placed in too much of a position of authority and the individual may still subtly feel dominated by external forces to their own detriment. 

Important insight: The insight at this level is similar to that of Level Three.  One difference is that the individual lives from a solid understanding of the purpose of spiritual evolution.  The individual is aware of working in partnership with the divine in the process of growing and developing as an individual. 

Payoff:  Inner security and self-esteem becomes the undercurrent of one's life experience.  Despite the storms and challenges of evolution the individual is rooted in the knowledge of positive purpose and outcome. 

Level Five: "Here is what I know and what I have come to you to achieve or understand."

This is the true level of astrological coaching.  The astrological coach is not placed on a pedestal but is respected as a wise individual with access to some valuable tools. The client recognizes that he or she is also a wise individual and that in the company of the astrological coach this shared wisdom will be multiplied exponentially.  Even if the individual does not enter into this relationship feeling like a wise individual, working with the coach will stimulate and actualize his or her true innate wisdom.  Client and coach work together to listen for the truth that will enable the client to achieve his or her goals and/or to understand and surmount the current challenges that are being faced.  This is a much more powerful approach than any of the preceding levels, as the client experiences a true inner certainty, and with the coach's help can work to make concrete and lasting changes in his or her life situation. 

Personal coaching has its roots in the fields of business and competitive sports.  Business coaching is results-oriented and all forms of coaching, including astrological coaching, express this value.  Astrological coaching can actually be closely compared to sports coaching.  In sports the athlete has the strength and potential while the coach has the tools, equipment and capacity to guide the athlete towards expressing his or her true talents and potential.  The athlete does the work, but the coach is invaluable in the process of achieving personal excellence.

Important insight: I am truly capable of being the creator of my own life.  I work in partnership with the Divine but also act from the divine spark that is within me.  The inner forces, of which astrology is one, are all aspects of the One Divine Mind and I act in harmony with the truth that they represent for me.

Payoff:  In addition to the benefits received at Level Four, a solid sense of personal freedom has been achieved.  "The world is truly my oyster, as I have learned to work in perfect balance with the inner and outer aspects of my life experience. I apply this knowledge in a practical manner in order to transform my life."

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