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Parents are not fully responsible for how their kids turn out.  This idea puts too much pressure on them and they lose touch with their natural instincts.  The myth is that children come into this world as blank slates, but astrology does not agree.  They are individuals with their own thoughts, feelings and ideas from the beginning.  As a parent you have been entrusted with the guidance of your unique child because you are specifically suited for the job.  You are not fully responsible for how your child turns out, but with the right level of insight you can play the role that he or she really needs from you.  Astrology helps us to stand aside from the conventional pressures that we are all subject to when raising children.  This allows us to see what our unique relationship with our child truly demands of us instead of attempting to meet the unrealistic one-size-fits-all expectations that society seems to demand. 

From an astrological point of view one of the most important pieces of knowledge that we can have as parents is an understanding of our child's rising sign.  The rising sign or ascendant is as important as the Sun sign in describing the needs and qualities of an individual.  Sun signs change once a month, while rising signs change approximately every two hours.  If you know your child's time of birth it is very easy to determine his or her rising sign.  The rising sign tells us what qualities the individual is attempting to develop in this lifetime and it is the primary key to personality.  The rising sign is important for parents to understand because its qualities are being profoundly developed during childhood. 

Sometimes it is difficult to understand the behavior of a child. He or she may seem to have some irrational behavior patterns.  In many cases these apparently irrational behaviors are really the child's way of trying to develop some very important personal skills.  For example, a child with Taurus rising is here to learn to stand their ground.  In previous lifetimes they have been too easily shaped and molded by others.  Therefore it is common to see this child acting in a very stubborn manner. The more that they are pushed and the more that they are reasoned with, the more tightly they hold to their untenable position.   If parents don't know what the soul is trying to develop they may fight this stubbornness instead of working to encourage the development of good boundaries. Parents may also doubt themselves and wonder what they have done wrong to produce such an irrationally stubborn child.  This is society talking - it is not the parents' fault! People with Taurus rising must understand and develop their personal boundaries or other people will walk all over them.  The original intent needs to be understood and worked with.  This and other rising signs may present different problems that can be easily resolved and understood through the use of astrology.

Astrology has been widely misrepresented in the media.  It is not about dire predictions of the future or pat Sun sign daily forecasts, but about who we truly are as individuals and how we can best actualize our potential in life.  Each person has a unique birthchart.  Like fingerprints, no one has an identical psychological pattern as revealed by astrology at birth.  Understanding the basics of your child's unique astrological signature can give you an added edge as a parent.

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