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Articles on Astrology and relationship coaching.

Assimilating Your Transits
Sounds like a nutrition article doesn't it? A transit refers to the movement of the planets through the sky and the relationship those planets make to an individual's birthchart.

Understanding Your Child Through Astrology
The myth is that children come into this world as blank slates, but astrology does not agree.  They are individuals with their own thoughts, feelings and ideas from the beginning.

Astrology and Coaching: Levels of Perception
The five different levels of the perception of astrology. Astrology combined with personal coaching can be a powerful aid to living a life of joy and fulfillment.

The Five Stages of a Committed Relationship
  As our relationship develops, we naturally move from one stage to another.   Understanding these natural stages helps us to work with them in the most constructive manner possible.

She Love Me, She Loves Me Not...
Taking the superstition and guesswork out of finding true love

Singles and Couples: Love and Your Life's Vision
Getting excited about love and your life purpose - how finding one can help you to find the other

Parents and Teens: Translations Series
For Parents:  Understanding the real meaning behind the strange and often incomprehensible things that teenagers say

For Teens:  Understanding the real meaning behind the strange and often incomprehensible things that parents say

How Astrology Works
A lot of people believe in astrology, but how many people know how it actually manages to affect us?

The Five Stages of Astrological Coaching
What really happens when you work with an astrological coach

Astrology, Reincarnation and Your Past Life
Your soul is on an evolutionary journey

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