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Life Purpose Coaching

Life purpose coaching uses a variety of tools to help you identify and make manifest your true purpose in life.  Life purpose coaching can be a stand-alone process or something that is integrated into Taina's other coaching specialties.  Your purpose or vision in life is essential to the success and fulfillment of every area of your life.  Life Purpose coaching takes place as a one-on-one process or in the form of a teleclass such as The Two Gifts.

The Two Gifts teleclass uses your astrological chart as a map to define your life purpose.  No previous knowledge of astrology is necessary in order to participate in this class.  One Native American tradition tells the story of the two gifts and says that we all have a gift to give the world and the world has a gift it wants to give you.  Actually there are more than two gifts and your astrological chart can be used to explore these gifts.  In this fun and inspiring 4-week teleclass Taina works closely with you in a small group of people, ensuring an intimate and transformative experience.

Get Inspired About Your Life!

A Testimonial:

Dear Taina,

Thank you so much for your support over the last few years. It has been invaluable. Your wisdom and guidance helped me find the vision and the patience to create a new career that works with my lifestyle and gives me the personal fulfillment that is so important to me. I could never have imagined that I would now be publishing a magazine and that this would allow me to express all parts of myself so perfectly. The fact that everything I need comes to me as I need it confirms that this is most certainly what I am meant to do. Your insights have helped me immensely as I venture into this new career and continue to guide me as this new part of my life evolves. I couldn't have done it without you.

Thanks V.R.

The Two Gifts

What does astrology have to say about your life purpose?  Learn about the exciting future that you are meant to fulfill and how you can achieve your deepest desires.  One Native American Tradition tells the story of the two gifts.  Each of us is born with two gifts.  The first is the gift that we are here to give to the world.  The second is the gift that we are here to receive from the world.  What spiritual purpose have you volunteered to serve? What is your job here?  What gifts does the world wish to give to you that are here waiting to be discovered?  Survey your two gifts in the company of your astrological coach and get inspired about your life!

Once you have clearly defined your purpose, whether through individual coaching or through a format such as the Two Gifts teleclass you may move effortlessly on to make you vision a reality.  Or you may wish Taina to work together with you as you fine-tune the practical steps necessary to make it a reality.  You will generally sense which path is the right one for you and in both cases we have seen clients achieve fulfilling success as they act to manifest their purpose in life.

What is a teleclass?  A teleclass is a class conducted via teleconferencing.  Participants phone in to a central line and join the class from home.  No need to travel - you can take the class in your pajamas if you want.

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