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Taina works one-on-one with parents and with teens and parents to build healthy, creative and constructive relationships. She assists you in developing the effective parenting skills best suited to your needs.
Parent/Child Coaching

Learn what really works for you as a parent

Learn who your child is as an individual and what his or her true needs are

Overcome the negative effects of "social expectation"

Recognize and support your true excellence as a parent

Parent/Teen Coaching

Build true and healthy independence as individuals - teenagers need to grow up and become adults. Parents must adjust to this process and get or regain a new life of their own in the process. It is possible to be one another's ally in this process instead of ending up at loggerheads or losing touch over time.

Support and assist one another in fulfilling your life purposes

Forge communication skills that truly work for you

Regain the trust you had when your teen was a child - forge a truly adult relationship based on friendship and respect

Learn to express and experience true mutual respect
Read the tongue-in-cheek parent/teen translation series
You'll begin with an initial free thirty-minute consultation at which time you will discuss your goals and desires and together will decide if working with Taina is right for you. If you choose to proceed, a minimum two-month commitment will be required of you. Coaching sessions take place at a regular time once a week or once every other week for a half hour or an hour. Reasonable amounts of email support are available between sessions and you may have homework assignments in between.

Sessions are done over the phone. Taina will call you at a prearranged time if you live in Canada or the U.S. Clients in other countries can make arrangements when setting up an appointment. The first 30 minutes of your initial session is free.

The parent coaching session fee is $90 USD

A package of 8 weekly 30 minute sessions (two months) is $700 USD

To set up an initial consultation or if you have any questions,
see contact info here.

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