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"Long time no see Taina! I want to let you know that I am really happy with the new man in my life - thanks to you, the relationship course & all the work I've done on myself over the years.

My new partner is a horticulturist, photographer & music lover. We met at my CD launch 10 months ago through a mutual friend.

Funnily enough, one day I was driving in my car & threw a cassette tape into the machine & on came one of our classes, including my list of requirements, needs & wants in relationship. My partner fits absolutely all the criteria except for one - speaks another language - but I stretched the idea to include Latin, since he knows the botanical names of plants.

We are both in awe over the gift of finding one another at this stage in our lives."


Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching supports singles and couples at every stage in the process of building a satisfying relationship.

Relationship Success Training for Singles

Relationship Success Training or the RESTS program, teaches singles how to create their own individualized relationship program. You will learn: 

  •   How to craft a life vision that will bring you true fulfillment - get what you really want out of life.
  •   How to define what happiness and success - especially relationship success -  means to you.
  • ·Who your ideal partner is and how to find him or her.
  • How to avoid the mistakes of your past and make conscious relationship choices, avoiding making choices that could sabotage the love that you seek.
  •   To truly enjoy and perfect your life and your life's purpose even as you learn more effective ways to make contact with the kind of person you really need to meet in order to live out your life's dreams.
If you are tired of being single you owe it to yourself and to any family you may wish to create to learn how to find and create a truly functional love relationship. Functional relationships are the foundation of a truly healthy family. We are generally not taught how to create functional relationships by our parents or by our educational system, but it can be done.

The RESTS program helps you to create your own individualized plan for a fulfilling life partnership. This 8-week course is available in private one-on-one or couples coaching sessions. This process includes many fun and enjoyable exercises that provide inspiration and insight that can also be applied in many other areas of your life.
Attraction Coaching

While I have seen some singles find the love of their life almost immediately after completing the RESTS program or even before completing it, (!) for the rest of us it still takes time to successfully implement their relationship plan.

Attraction coaching is done in a biweekly group format and provides the support of likeminded people with whom you will continue to refine and draw inspiration from your plan. This closed group provides inspiration and essential support to one another and helps you to keep on track, follow through on your plans and avoid falling into old patterns or jumping too quickly into situations that might compromise that which you truly seek. Looking for your life's partner can be a lonely and intimidating experience - attraction coaching makes it fun and tends to speed your success. Your right relationship is worth waiting for and an attraction group can make this wait even more worthwhile and lots of fun in the process.

Couple's Coaching

The Partners in Life Program is another structured program. Similar to the RESTS program, it provides a structured means for a couple in the final stages of deciding if this is the relationship for them. You will decide for yourselves if this is the relationship you want to turn into a life partnership. Your coach facilitates this process and helps you to determine what really works for you. You will determine according to your own standards whether or not to go forward to a full commitment. If you decide to make your relationship a permanent partnership you will learn little known basic skills that will help it to be fully successful.

Couples in a committed relationship can also benefit from couples' coaching. Coaching is not therapy, but instead works to help us to build or enhance a truly functional relationship. You will learn:

  • More effective communication skills
  • How to get what you want without getting in your partner's way
  • How to get what you want without your partner getting in your way
  • How to avoid getting stuck in repetitive patterns that keep opening old wounds
  • How to work positively with childhood patterns
  • How to understand gender based emotional responses and work constructively with them
  • About natural relationship cycles that every partnership goes through and how to get the most out of them - if you are in the power struggle phase this may be less of a problem than you think
  • and much more
Couple's coaching is an individualized process that varies according to needs of the couple concerned. As I know from personal experience, even fully functional relationships can benefit unexpectedly by going through this process.

Taina Ketola is a licensed RCI relationship coach. RCI stands for The Relationship Coaching Institute, founded by David Steele - a marriage and family therapist who became a relationship coach because he wanted to do something that really worked to help ensure happy families and fulfilling life partnerships for the world.

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