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Life purpose. Everyone has one. If you are fulfilling it you feel complete, life runs smoothly and just keeps on expanding. If you are not on your true life path you may feel frustration, despair or just a nagging feeling of boredom or uselessness. Finding your life path may be easier than you think because it has been with you all along. Your true life purpose, your life path, is written on your heart. It can be found by uncovering the layers that obscure the real you.

It doesn't have to be a painful or difficult process. It can be fun and it should be inspiring. Amb Ava offers three ways to begin exploring your true life path and purpose of your inner self.

The Portrait of the Soul provides astrological keys to the exploration of your life path and soul purpose. Learn what you are truly here to develop, where you have been, what your past experiences mean and who you will become when you have made your full potentials a reality.

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Personal coaching is the best way to discover your true life path and to create a personalized action plan that will make it a reality. If you want to go one step further in the process of fulfilling your true life path, coaching may be the way to go. Find out more

The Two Gifts Teleclass. What does astrology have to say about your life purpose ? Learn about the exciting future that you are meant to fulfill and how you can achieve your deepest desires. Sign up here.

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