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Society puts a lot of pressure on parents.  We are expected, or feel we are expected, to be a perfect parent.  We are told we are completely responsible for how our children turn out.  But real life isn't like this.  When a real child arrives on the scene we find them a unique and often perplexing individual with a will of their own.  We need to
understand who they are and what our role in their life really is.  You already are your child's perfect parent.  You just need to find ways to relax into your proper role in your child's life.

Every parent is the perfect parent for his or her child.  Some of course, are more perfect than others.  The first level of perfection is the parent we would consider quite imperfect indeed - abusive, abandoning and/or incompetent in various other essential ways.  It is possible that you may have had a parent like this. Over time as we work to heal the wounds this kind of upbringing may have inflicted upon us we may come to realize that if we chose this kind of parent, we chose them because they were the perfect parent for us.  They provided the challenges and presented the life questions we needed to answer for ourselves

If you are reading this it is unlikely that you are this first type of perfect parent.  You are most likely motivated to do the best for your children that you possibly can.  This kind of perfect parent often knows instinctively who their children are and what they really need, but external pressures and self-doubt can cloud this natural innate knowledgeAstrology can be a great aid in the process of parenting because it helps us to see exactly what our child is truly working to develop as a soul.  It confirms our deeper instincts about our children and offers us a bird's eye view of their purpose in the present lifetime. 

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Portrait of the Soul describes the childhood patterns at each stage of every Sun sign and can help you to gain a better understanding of your role in your child's life.  It can assist you in guiding your child as he or she walks his own unique path in life.

An astrological coaching session can also provide more specific guidance concerning your child and what he or she is attempting to develop in this lifetime.  Some of our lessons can take a long time to learn while others can be mastered quite rapidly.  Knowing how you can help your child now and where it will be of value to cultivate patience can be very useful information.  Sometimes kids can exhibit some strange and confusing behaviors that make perfect sense when we understand why they are doing what they are doing.  As soon as we know what they are really trying to accomplish problems like this begin to disappear overnight because parents and children can then begin to cooperate towards the same aim.  Other situations cannot be transformed overnight, but with understanding we come to realize why.  We stop putting unnecessary pressure on our children that if kept up would only serve to reinforce a negative life pattern.  We can stand aside with greater confidence, knowing that even if it is going to be a long haul, in the long run things will turn out OK because there is a larger purpose at work in all of our lives.  We know why this longer lasting challenge exists in our child's life and what its ultimate positive outcome will be.

Astrology provides the long and the short of our life lessons and our child's life lessons.  When we know the long and short of it we have true perspective.  Even parents quite secure and confident in their role can gain from the insights available through an understanding of their child's birth chart.

Coaching helps you to trust yourself and to learn what your true values and priorities are as a parent - to learn how to do what works for you.  For those with older children, parent/teen coaching supports both parents and teenagers in becoming a positive force in one another's lives and gaining constructive independence and mutual support in fulfilling their life purpose as individuals.

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