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In this book each sign is divided into three distinct stages corresponding to the level of evolution of the soul. Based on the theory of reincarnation as a means of spiritual development, the stages describe the soul's journey. With different stages of evolution in each sign, this book clearly shows why all people with the same sign don't all share the same personality traits and ambitions. This new method of interpretation has given the science of astrology an amazing new level of insight.

Sun signs: Portrait of the Soul reveals unique, in-depth personal insights affecting every area of life.

It also goes into detail about your early childhood conditions and how these affect your adult intimate relationships.

The book is well researched and easy to understand. No prior knowledge of astrology would be required to get something out of this book. If you need insight into yourself or a loved one, you'll find the answers here.

What you will find in this book:
  • Detailed information about all three stages and the transitions in between.
  • Learn what your true life purpose is.
  • Every lifetime has a riddle to solve before you can move up the spiritual evolutionary ladder. Find out how to solve yours.
  • Childhood conditions.You chose your parents. We'll tell you why.
  • Relationships. What sort of partner you will seek out and why.
  • How your childhood has affected your partnership choices and what you can do to change relationship patterns that aren't working for you.
  • Learn what sign you are most compatible with (hint - it's not what you think).
  • How to get through the rough periods in your life; learn how to respond constructively to the hard times. How to get into third stage!
  • How to deal with difficult relatives.
  • An explanation of reincarnation and its role in your soul's evolution.
  • How to understand karma and how it works.
  • How to remember your past lives.
  • What famous people share your sign and are in the same stage of development as you.
  • You're in this book, as are all your friends and family...even your boss.
  • All information is presented in an easily understood manner - no previous knowledge of astrology needed.
A tremendous resource for
relationships . parenting . the office . and more!

Astrology is a rich and in-depth art of self-knowledge. Astrologer Taina Ketola has spent years uncovering the science of astrology and applying it as it was intended - to help people uncover the road map of their soul's evolution. Her theories are unique in the world of astrology and have expanded this ancient science. She has returned astrology to its rightful place as a powerful tool of self-discovery.

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