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Author - Astrologer - Relationship Coach - Teacher

You can't talk about Taina Ketola without talking about astrology. The two are intricately woven together. A childhood genius, Taina became a serious student of astrology at the age of twelve. By the age of fifteen she began practicing astrology professionally.

An astrological theorist, who has discovered a new dimension to astrology, Taina's theories lend great depth, but little complexity to the subject of astrology, creating accessible revelations, unique to each individual. A gifted writer and public speaker, Taina has the ability to simplify the complex in an engaging way that allows the tremendous depth of astrology to be easily accessible to the masses. Her approach is both demystifying and illuminating.

Taina is a member of the Relationship Coaching Institute (RCI), and a licensed Relationship Coach. Unlike therapy, coaching focuses on the future you want and how to get there, whereas therapy generally focuses on what's gone wrong in the past and tries to fix it. With therapy or conventional astrology, you are placed in a passive role. Coaching is a collaborative effort between you and your coach. You work together as a team.

For more than twenty-five years now, Taina has successfully guided hundreds of clients to their full potential and helped them find their true calling in life. She combines her unique method of astrology with the collaborative power of coaching to better serve individuals in finding true happiness and fulfillment in their lives.

Sun Signs: Portrait of the Soul is Taina's first book. She is currently writing her second book, which is about astrology and its role in relationships.

Taina is available for private astrological consultations, coaching sessions for individuals or couples, as well as for lectures, seminars, book signings and teleclasses. If you would like to arrange a private session with Taina, or have any questions about the content of this site, please use the contact form here.

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