Life purpose




~ I wanted to thank you for writing this book.  My coach read a passage to me that reached me very deeply... I am a Virgo and have been teaching people how to discover and apply their inner power, but something hasn't been working, making my business work for me has been difficult.  And I completely understand now why, thanks to the clarity offered in your book. 

My gratitude for writers, teachers, visionaries such as yourself for guiding those of us committed to realizing our life work.  My enthusiastic appreciation for your contribution and blessings for your continued abundance. - Kathy C.

~ I've been trying to find a way to contact you and express my gratitude...It is the one single book in my whole collection which I guard THE MOST.

It would have been a crime for your brilliance and insight to be not shared with many others.

For the sake of balance, I have to refrain from treating you or anyone else as a guru figure. But in this circumstance, it is very important to me for you to be fully aware of your genius and powerful contribution to spirituality. I cannot overstate this.  - E. J.

~  This book gave me great understanding and a sense of peace about why I am the way I am and hope about where I'm going.  It really helped me to understand my son better.  I refer to it whenever I meet someone.  It gives me more compassion, understanding and acceptance of others. - V. N.

~ This book blows most other astrology books right out of the water.  I know three Pisces people all with completely different personalities (two in second stage and one in third stage as I've discovered).  This book describes them all.  Each sign has many different types and it explains why they each are the way they are.  Mind blowing!  - I. A.

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